Covers available through us:

  • Builders Risk and Construction All Risks
  • Erection All Risks
  • Operation All Risks
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Business Interruption and Delay in Start-up/Advance Loss of Profits
  • Latent Inherent Defects
  • Civil Engineering Completed Risks
  • Contractor’s Plant and Equipment/ Machinery
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Combined Policies for Renewable Energy
  • Risk Consulting and Engineering Services
We’ll protect you while you power the future.

We provide comprehensive insurance advice and plans for engineering projects in Mauritius.

From performing comprehensive risk assessment analyses to identifying the lowest premiums available, our team of experts acts as your dedicated advisers at every stage of your project. No matter the engineering field you are in, our strong relationship with the island’s leading insurance providers guarantees that we’ll negotiate the right tailor-made policy on your behalf. Our commitment to analysing market trends means we’ll keep you updated on any gaps in your current insurance policy should they arise. Contact us today for a free quote.

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